Architecture should arouse emotions and create pleasant spaces that harmonize with their surroundings, with the effect of materials and shapes under the light. 

Studios Santome, steel construction, Colonial Zone, Santo Domingo

Our Services

First of all, we analyze the client's needs and the possibilities and opportunities of the site, both in terms of space and in terms of functionality and construction law. Thus we arrive at intelligent architectural concepts that solve the task with elegance. 

we offer: 

- Laser and geo-referenced topography.

- Building and terrain surveys

- Photographic surveys, also with drones

- Cadastral plans (with the surveying partner)

- 3D scanning

- Architectural concept

- Preparation of the official procedures with the authorities 

- Preliminary design

- Cost estimates

- Building permit procedures

- Accompaniment of licensing procedures 

- Management of the engineers' work

(structural, electrical engineering, renewable energy, hydraulic engineering, fire protection, acoustics, lighting design, landscaping, etc.)

- Detailed planning for execution

- bidding 

- Cost estimates 

- Construction preparation 

- Construction supervision and management 

- warranty

- Presentations and brochures

- Brochures/ advertising

studio santome
casa taller hostos
commercial building G7
mansion alameda
castilla colonial santo domingo
castilla colonial
holzrai wangen ZH
panama casco viejo
panama casa bob
hotel billini santo domingo
hotel billini
residencia embajador
rincon retreat resort
rincon retreat resort
german embassy
villa cap el limon
plans villa cap el limon
offices domrep tours
sugar cane central hershey
casa kerbler
mansion triañon
hotel campoamor
sports hall wald
swiss railway maintenance center
casa huber
casa furrer
residential kornweg
casa walder
zehntenscheune cultural center
gvc church cultural center hegi
castilla colonial

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