Inspiration in colors...

from a painting by a friend

A painting by our artist friend Stefan Rutishauser served as inspiration for the colors of this project.


What we found... ...and its new interpretation

The existing house did not fit in any way into the historic complex. Therefore, the facade had to be completely changed. The building regulations only allow historical elements. Therefore, we reinterpreted typical elements of Dominican vernacular architecture in a modern way, using steel and precious woods. 

film environment of

“The Godfather”

the slope of Hostos Street - an environment of monumental value

Here we climb up to the ruins of the San Francisco monastery - an emblematic place where many people gather to dance to the sound of the Grupo Bonyé on Sunday nights. 

The walls that we discover are from the same period of the monastery.


The new door, with its design inspired by the vernacular houses of the nearby neighborhoods, fulfills several functions. Its ironwork gives it firmness and security and at the same time provides ventilation. The thin bars allow, when the wooden shutters are opened, that the passerby can appreciate something of the interior of the house. 


the block wall without plastering hid the old walls

When we discovered what was hidden behind the uniform concrete blocks, we thoroughly adapted the project concept once again. In this way, we were able to give the old walls their rightful space, the new structures are a good distance away and open up for a planter.  

The small courtyard, covered with ironwork in geometric curves - according to a design by artist Laurence Gracia

House and art studio

This house provides a space for artistic work, but it is also a welcoming home for those who want to collaborate in this space.  

A slightly hidden staircase in the planter strip leads to the upper floor, where there is another more private room and a terrace.

The stairway - a lightweight metal and wood ship's ladder structure. 




legacies of the 16th century