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We accompany you through all stages of your project: from the search for a suitable property to completion.  As architects but also in consulting.


Discover 500 years of history...

Boutique Hotel Billini, Santo Domingo 

Built on the ruins of a mansion. Most of the walls were barely four meters high, yet it was possible to obtain permission to build three floors.  We paid as much attention to the restoration of valuable elements as to a modern and efficient concept for the client. 

Ruins and parts to be saved - Billini Hotel 

the inner curtyard of the Billini Hotel

We are fascinated by the combination of elements so many years old with modern structures.

over the roofs of the 

Colonial Zone

Relaxation - with a view of the second oldest church in America.

We reinforced the structures, which made it possible to place the pool on the roof. This way, visitors can enjoy the pool with this view. The location is popular for photo shoots.

...or at night

at the bar

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The classic bar is located in such a way that it corresponds to the square. 

Casa Taller Hostos

work & expo

another play of light and shadow between the historical and the modern...

Here was a dark and unattractive shack with concrete block walls and a tin roof. - We removed everything and discovered 16th century walls. The new structures are set back from the old walls, which serve as a backdrop to the exhibition space.   

Transformation of the façade - redefinition of architectural expression

The existing house did not fit in any way into the historic ensemble. Therefore, a completely new facade was timely. The building regulations only allow historical elements. Therefore, we reinterpreted typical elements of Dominican folk architecture in a modern way, using steel and precious wood. 

G7 Commercial Building

Frauenfeld, Switzerland

Expansion of the "Passage" shopping center, H&M store, offices, etc.

In 2021, this commercial building was completed. In a complex urban situation, a suitable addition to the existing shopping center was created. Our contribution: concept, project and licensing procedures.  The local team was responsible for the execution.

Urban integration was especially important to us

Grabenstrasse lies directly below the prominent row of houses in the old town of Frauenfeld.  The building fits in here and creates a transition to the existing Passage Frauenfeld shopping center. 


Model of the Commercial Building G7, Grabenstrasse 7, Frauenfeld, Switzerland

models - also in the Caribbean

The models were also useful for the "La Castilla Colonial" project in the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo. 

This residential complex is a conglomerate of several two or three hundred year old buildings, complemented by new structures. A subway parking garage had to fit in between and underneath.

architectural modelling

much was preserved and some of it was discovered during the construction work.

The complex consists of thirty apartments and two stores. Project: Leo Walser and Manuel Huber. The second phase of the complex is still under construction.  

historic bulding renovation





Edificio Ginaka 2.0 - 

The German embassy occupies three floors of the building.

Ventanas, salas de conferencias y oficinas - Instalaciones de seguridad

Nos encargamos de la licitación y de la ejecución local y la gestión de la construcción para el equipo alemán. 

Esto incluía también el asesoramiento sobre posibles soluciones constructivas locales. 

german embassy counter
german embassy interior

Villas Rincon Retreat - Playa Rincón RD


Site exploration, master plan design, advice and preparation of project execution, compilation of local engineering team and preparation of cost analysis for optimization. 

villa investment


and beautiful view

we choose the location of each villa - so that they all have optimal views and tranquility. 

The result of a long journey and the architect's perseverance is a place with a very special atmosphere. Collaboration with JAA Architects. 

we help you find a dream plot of land

We will be pleased to advise you in order to make your project a reality.

In the 17 years that we have been in the Caribbean we have seen many things and, without a doubt, we can avoid costly mistakes and take your project to success.  We have worked in the region: Panama, Cuba, Dominican Republic.

Fidel Castro's wife lived in this mansion. 

Dalia Soto del Valle, Fidel Castro's last wife, grew up in the mansion that our client converted into a boutique hotel. An interesting planning process, with good contacts with the authorities. A lot of respect. 

Trinidad, CUBA

Consultoría para el Hotel Boutique

Mansión Alameda

Swiss Television accompanied us for a report on our work.

A private enterprise of this kind is not easy in Cuba, but the team assembled by tourism expert Reto Rüfenacht has created a gem. 

interior hotel mansion alameda
manuel huber architect in swiss television


The street in front of the Alameda Mansion is one of the most picturesque in the city. 

The people and the light of the Caribbean have thrilled me from day one.

arts and photography

Throughout the years, several photographic reports were created  

My personal passion for photography and love for graphic design has taken me to many beautiful places. A photo book about my travels in the Dominican Republic is still being prepared.

I also do portrait/portrait photo shoots as well as product photography.

Design of logos / brochures

css web pages

graphic design

Photos for Domreptours Travel Agency

Dominican Republic through my lens....

My roads in Quisqueya 

Dominican Republic 

Book in preparation: approx. 300 photographs, 26x28cm 155 pages, soft cover.

graphic design
graphic design

Design sample and mock-up of printed version



a "pintado's" look at the Carnival

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