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graphic arts for publications

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corporate identity design, logos


mis caminos en Quisqueya

República Dominicana 

design samples book in process

collaboration: Pablo Gmür

For several years I have been capturing moments of my journey on this beautiful island that I chose as my new homeland. Little by little we are compiling them for a book. The graphic design was prepared in collaboration with Pablo Gmür. The book will be published in five languages. Format 26 x 27 cm.

sample pages

the light of the caribbean, the joy of its people, the nature - our experiences here.

There is a lot to tell. I will try to tell the story in photos.


design and programming

this very page about Arteventura S.A. 

we did with Sparkle App PRO for mac, 

an European CSS program.  

- in three languages, responsive on all devices.

Real-Estate-website in 4 languages  

fully responsive for all devices from mobile-phone to desktop


For sale of land in the peninsula of Samaná.

Website for the real estate agency 

Go-Samaná - with integration - This way we made it possible for the client to have a customized design and still use the platform / (the design possibilities are limited to what Easy-Broker allows).

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