Piece of the Berlin Wall with the work of the Dominican artist Martín López - donated by Germany - symbol of freedom. Placed in front of the monument Fray Antón de Montesinos.




of the German government project 

Embassy of Germany in Santo Domingo

The embassy was installed in an existing building 

The building was received in a gray state. In order to comply with German regulations, several structural reinforcements had to be installed. The embassy facilities occupy three floors.

We provided advice during the preparation of the execution, managed the tenders, supervised and controlled the costs and quality of the work until its completion. 

The German engineering group was commissioned to provide the drawings. We completed the detailed planning with our local team.

Security systems from Germany were involved. The building management and control systems were built by Dominican companies under the roof of the general contractor GINAKA.

Embassy counters 

Despite the extreme security, the counters appear to be open and close to the public. The offices comply with an exceptional sound insulation of >54 dB.

strict safety standards

Due to Foreign Ministry regulations, we are only allowed to give very little information here. The photos here are from a video posted by the embassy itself.