The G7 commercial building is located on a major pedestrian walkway between the old town and the train station, adjacent to the Passage shopping center.  


Solution for an urban and legally complex environment

The division of the building into subvolumes and the use of differentiated materials made it possible to better respond to the spatial and legal situation.  

Shopping mall


Excellent division of labor with the local team 

The client, Josef Räschle, entrusted us with the preliminary design, the project and the building permit application. Once these phases were completed, we handed over the plans to the local team: Architect Emanuel Marbach and ph-Baumanagement worked perfectly with our ideas and brought the project to completion. 

A conglomerate of offices, stores and public services 

A large part of the building space is occupied by the administration of the province, together with the BIZ, the professional information center and the store of the "Stift-Höfli" foundation, which our client Josef Räschle had founded for the handicapped. He was able to see the completion of the building before he died at the age of 93. 

Division of the building into two main volumes

Los edificios situados a lo largo de la calle se diseñaron como estructuras sólidas con fachadas de elementos de hormigón moldeado, mientras que el volumen que forma la transición al pasaje es un edificio de cristal con un muro cortina.

El volumen de cristal y un sótano están ocupados por la tienda de ropa H&M.

Same number of basements as visible floors

As with many buildings in city centers, there is enormous pressure to provide plenty of usable space and parking in the basement. - Our building has the same height below ground. There are three basement levels. - A subway parking garage, which is connected to the "Passage" shopping center. In the middle, it crosses a street for unloading trucks. 

Molded concrete façade: a good alternative to natural stone

The facades were clad with molded concrete elements. This guarantees a long service life and low maintenance costs. 

Contrast: the facades of the old town of Frauenfeld are reflected in the curtain wall of the H&M.