Since 1996 we have been planning and designing buildings for private and public developers. Since 2006 we have also been commissioned to work in the Caribbean, from which Arteventura S.A. was born. 

synonyms of arte und ventura: 


Talent / Art / Skill /


Satisfaction / Happiness / Ventura /

With dedication and all that we have learned along the way, we work so that your adventure of starting a project is carried out to your full satisfaction. 

Manuel Kurt Huber 

architect ETH

Architect, graduated from ETH Zurich, Switzerland 

Zurich, Switzerland, 

Specialization in tourism investments

and construction in the Caribbean.

Born 1968 in Frauenfeld, Switzerland

Studied at the ETH Zurich, 

Diploma in architecture in 1992 

Father of four children

married to artist Laurence Gracia.

1992 works for Arch. Ernst Gisel, Zurich

1996 - own architectural office in Winterthur Collaboration with Stutz & Bolt Architects 

since 2002 travels to the Caribbean for Latinotravel

since 2005 in the Dominican Republic

2006 - 2010 Partnership with Arch. Leo Walser

Collaboration with AHP Architekten, CH

Projects in Santo Domingo, Cuba and Panama, various consulting works in the tourism sector. 

Projects in Switzerland until 2021

Construction of the German Embassy in Santo Domingo, 2020 Construction of own workshop/office in Santo Domingo 

In spare time: travel, photography and renovation of an old Chevrolet from 1968. 

current team:

Manuel Huber, architect ETH - SWISS/DOM

Laurence Gracia, visual artist - HTI

Mirjam Huber, architect ETH - SWISS

Giada Tascherio, Architect - ITAL/DOM

Ludo Bonnecarrere, Technician - FRA

Gerhard Oberrauch, real estate expert - ITA

and external engineers and technicians and experts 

(real estate, tourism, archeology, law) 

employees since 1996:

Harald Schiel

Silvia Burgermeister

Marcel Woerz

Michele Mercuri

Corina Hediger

Simon Meier

Bruno Rüegger

Peter Schilling

Agnes Winter

Rolf Froese

Sara Tió

Christian Galán

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