detail of the front

Studios Santome

Detail of the steel structure

white steel and wood - under the Caribbean sun and the breeze of the nearby sea... it reminds a little bit of a boat. 

renovation of the facade

It was a typical house of the early twentieth century, narrow, with two doors, an anteroom and two rooms and a patio, one floor with a corridor. We kept the essence of the facade. We liked the anteroom and decided to keep its columns and height. 

The house was classified as category five by the heritage directorate, which means that there is nothing to preserve. However, we decided to preserve the structure of the anteroom.  In a difficult soil terrain, we opted for a new foundation so as not to endanger the neighboring houses with long excavations, as would have been necessary with a conventional construction method. 

new foundations 

in difficult terrain

starting from scratch...


a steel construction based on six-point foundations

Steel is well suited for this method of construction. The complete three-story structure could be built in a very short time. Since we retained the one-story anteroom, we were allowed to build three stories in the central part. 

The entrance room


Newly made historical mosaics

Aguayo Industries continues to make these mosaics with the same artisanal process as before. We take advantage of the possibility of choosing colors and designs. 


the metal structures of the courtyard

Sesiones fotográficas, actos culturales, desfiles de moda, talleres 

stairs and cobogo





each unit has its own kitchen and bathroom - simple and in loft style with visible metal structure



detail of the cobogo