Trinidad, CUBA - 

Hotel Boutique “Mansion Alameda”

No one less than Fidel Castro's wife grew up in the mansion that our client converted into a beautiful Boutique Hotel in the old town of Trinidad, Cuba. 

The historic center of Trinidad is a World Heritage Site. 

Calle  Alameda

Alameda Street - one of the most emblematic streets in Trinidad.

The mansion was the home of the influential Soto del Valle family. But not much has been published about them. Also the 1st Lady of Cuba lived in the hideaway until the 2000s.

television filming scene

We were accompanied by a Swiss television crew to report on the project and its promoters. 

arriving at the mansion

We received representatives of the local administration at the mansion to discuss the further stages of renovation and conservation together with our client Reto Rüfenacht.

treating the historical building with due respect also helped in the procedures

We were advised very kindly and respectfully by the government representative. We were able to define the other steps together. 

original plans

the survey plans

Detailed survey is always an indispensable basis for the renovation of historical monuments.  It is important to preserve the essence of the historical parts.

renovated rooms and entrance hall

A great deal of patience is required to faithfully conserve the monument in the midst of a shortage of materials and skilled labor.

dining room and patio 

In this project the interventions to modernize and accommodate the spaces for hotel use were done in a very non-invasive way. - We preserved the original appearance. 

the Alameda Mansion offers a unique ambiance for a stay in Trinidad.

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Despite the difficult situation the Cuban people welcome you. 

Mansion Alameda