in mock-up for the residential "La Castilla Colonial"... (2009)


a model for the sale of properties

We had already done the project based on surveys, photos and working models when the client asked us for a final model for sales purposes.  

was a conglomerate of houses

that have been transformed 

The complex had a large number of different houses and palaces and a few old courtyard spaces. 

All the historic buildings were protected by the Cultural Heritage Directorate.


extensive archaeological excavations were carried out

With the archaeologist's research, it has been possible to define where and how we could plan new volumes, completing the whole. 

the master Leo Walser - 

in intense, repeated visits in the ruins of the Castilla

The project was largely designed by Swiss Architect Leo Walser who hired me to collaborate and prepare the complete set of plans for the execution. 

A challenge for the team was the planning of a functional subway parking lot that does not infringe on the protection of the old buildings. 

views of the model by day and night 

day and night 

What we normally do with 3D visualizations, in this case was done first with the model itself. 

living in the middle of the Colonial Zone

in the tranquility of the patios

The first stage of the complex has thirty apartments and two commercial spaces. Residents can take advantage of the tranquility in the middle of the center of the colonial city. Subway parking is a luxury in this area.  Very few houses of the colonial era have it. 

modern simplicity in ancient walls

in its interior we were able to combine with some modern elements

In many cases walls that are five hundred years old provide a noble backdrop for everything else. We try to keep it simple and with authentic materials such as coral. 

I invite you to review the great amount of information provided by the official website of the project.